Book ’em, Danno

Flinch and you’ll be chasing your head down Fifth Street! Joe Friday.  He had a way with words.  Not that Bill Gannon didn’t.  He just seemed to have sandwiches on his mind a lot of the time.  Back to Joe.  Suppose I need to quote Joe in a pinch?  And, really, who doesn’t need to rely on Joe every now and then to make a point or two?  How can I keep track of all those great Websites devoted to Joe or to quotations?  Book ’em, Danno. Or, in the words of a tech savvy, Steve McGarrett, Social bookmark ’em.

Social bookmarking lets you save, organize, and share bookmarks of Web resources.  I have used Delicious for a few years now, but I have upgraded to Diigo.  And, I do believe it is an upgrade.  With Diigo, you can bookmark, highlight text, mark items to read later, and add sticky notes.  And, importing Delicious bookmarks is a snap.  Additionally, the Diigo Educator account allows you to create accounts for the students in your class and automatically sets your class up as a group.

How do I feel about social bookmarking.  Oh, yeah, I dig, Mister. Just like Bill and his garlic-nut-butter sandwich.