The blog feedreader that time forgot . . .

Or, more accurately, that I forgot.  Once upon a time, I used Bloglines.  I honestly cannot recall the last time I logged in.  I recently popped over to the site only to find that the Bloglines I knew is no more.  I completely missed the news about its sale to MerchantCircle and, from what I gather, the transition has been less than successful.

I will rely on my memory to share some blogs that may be of interest to students and instructors .  . . however reliable my memory may be!

One of my favorite blogs is Mashable, founded in 2005 and now considered a top, if not the top, source for technology news.  Mashable, which is updated frequently, is a great resource for teachers and students alike no matter the discipline.  Posts are organized by categories that can accessed easily via the horizontal menu.

Additionally, for students interested in animal rights issues, the Farm Sanctuary’s blog, Sanctuary Tails, includes images and videos in addition to text, a manageable list of categories, and an extensive blog roll.

Google Lat Long Blog by the Google Earth and Maps team may be of interest to geography students and teachers.  The blog has solid information with great links, but the ads can be a bit distracting.

Google . . . I just remembered . . . I have a Google Reader account.  I wonder what shape it is in.  I suppose I should check it out.  Another day perhaps.


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