The National Science Digital Library

As a librarian and a geographer, I am a fan of the National Science Digital Library, the nation’s online portal for education and research.  Ready made lesson plans can be found easily by searching by grade, browsing by collections, or entering terms in the search box. I quickly found a learning object about the scientific method, which I could use in a number of geography courses, including Weather & Climate and Maps & Landforms.

According to the description, the assignment is “designed to introduce the students to the idea and process of the scientific method.” The exercise requires students to work in small groups, to form and describe observations and hypotheses, and to test their theories. This is a suitable assignment in the early weeks of a course, because it not only contributes to the framework for studying the subject at hand, but provides a meaningful “ice breaker” activity.

The learning object is available from the Website of the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) of Carleton College.