A little indecision goes . . .

I decided to try a couple of things to create a lesson about plagiarism. First of all, I wrote a very brief “script” about plagiarism thinking I might make a podcast. Unfortunately, allergies still were winning, so I needed to save my voice to make it through the last few days of the semester.

Instead, I created a Voki and set up a Google site. I put the script on a brief PowerPoint presentation and uploaded it as five very, very short Prezi presentations. I embedded the Prezis, PowerPoint handout, a Voki, a simple Xtranormal clip I made at the last minute, and a survey in the site.

I provided a list of works cited (Resources), but, with one exception, I did not include in-text citations. Generally speaking, my resources did not present unique ideas and, in fact, some information can be found verbatim elsewhere.

Pulling everything together for Plagiarism:  A Tutorial for Teachers was a quick process, so I can only imagine the possibilities with good planning and more time.