To prezi or not to prezi

I wanted to make a podcast, but I was having a bout of allergies and a cold, so I didn’t think anyone should be forced to listen to me. I’ll save a podcast for another day.  I decided to give Prezi a shot, perhaps, in part, because several colleagues do not like it and several classmates experienced some problems with it.

Honestly, I did not like Prezi for several reasons. First, it is not intuitive. I am very comfortable just jumping right in with tech tools and have used a variety of them, but I had to say, what is this? And, second, I think Prezi may be difficult for students who need vision accommodations. My time would have been better spent subjecting people to a recording.

Nonetheless, I created a brief Prezi adding text, PowerPoint slides, and a link to a somewhat lengthy video. This is very simple presentation, but one I could use to introduce students to the discipline of geography.