Floridians are ruining the Karst

I use videos frequently in my F2F geography classes, and I embed them in the college library research guides I create. I particularly like a video from the University of South Florida Libraries, What is Karst?

The video provides an excellent overview of Karst and includes important discussions about the interconnectedness of people and the environment, including the impact of human activity on Karst and the role of Karst in underground drinking water. The video allows students to experience Karst in a way that pictures simply cannot provide and serves as an acceptable alternative to field trips when they are not possible. The visuals are grabbing and the discussions are clear, brief, and interesting. Students can easily take note of terms they may not understand or recall to review later.

In a recent reflection exercise, I asked students to list three things they had learned this semester.  Karst and caves made more than one list.  Lesson learned? The Floridians are ruining the Karst.  Well, not exactly.  Let’s try again.  A well-executed video is a great teaching tool.  Oh, and creepy crawlies in caves generate a lot of EEWs at any age!